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Felt sneakers, blue – TOFFELI shoes


Toimitamme TOFFELIT kunkin tilauksen jälkeen mahdollisimman pian, mutta toimituksessa saattaa mennä tällä hetkellä pidempään, mikäli tuotetta ei ole varastollamme valmiina. Valmistus aloitetaan usemmiten tilauksen jälkeen, sillä teemme jokaisen tuotteen käsityönä.

Toimitusaika on tällä hetkellä 1-6 viikkoa.

Suosittelemme valitsemaan sen koon, jota normaalisti käytät.

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Stylish felt sneakers from a very high quality and breathable felt from Italy. 

  • 100% sheep’s wool,
  • breathable,
  •  elastic,
  • soft,
  • light,
  • wear-resistant.

☝ Because of the material our shows increase leg’s blood circulation. Felt sneakers TOFFELI shoes

☝ You can create your own Toffelit: choose what you like and tell us your preferences:

✔ variants of colors (red, black, light gray, dark gray, beige, dark olive, brown)
This beautiful model is available in all colors you can find on the top of the list of shop products. You should learn more about custom work HERE

✔All shoes we make as for narrow feet as for wide, just point witch type you need.

☝ The sole of the TOFFELI  is from environmentally friendly EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) material. The sole’s texture – thick, waterproof EVA (ethyl-vinyl-acetate) increases grip even in slippery weather, which makes the boots non-slip.  Felt sneakers, TOFFELI shoes

☝ATTENTON, great thing! 😀 The fact that the shoes are suitable for both +15°C and -30°C weather makes the shoes suitable for winter.

☝Thanks to the antibacterial material, the shoes will not smell of sweat. This high quality material makes TOFFELI loafers breathable. 

☝Inside TOFFEL shoes is TOFFEL’s own ergo insole, which is 100% wool. Its sole is ergonomically shaped from flexible EVA plastic to support the natural curve of your foot and give TOFFELI felts more comfort.

☝TOFFELIS are 100% Finnish handicraft, they are designed and manufactured in Finland.

You can read the shoe CARE INSTRUCTION here and all about DELIVERI here 🚚 Felt sneakers, red


Felt sneakers TOFFELI shoes 



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