Care instructions

TOFFELI shoes are 100% genuine wool and very easy to care for. With good care you can extend their life and take care of their life and beautiful appearance.

You can clean the dirt from the shoe's surface by brushing the surface with a scrub brush. If there are stains on the surface, you can remove tehm with a sponge and mild soap. In winter time you can ventilate the shoes outdoors, and in summer they can be refreshed with baking soda if necessary: ​​sprinkle baking soda on the surface, leave it on for half an hour and then vacuum it off.

Felt shoes should never be washed in a washing machine, and there is no need to wash them anyway. The wool used in the felt shoes is antibacterial material, and therefore the bacteria do not live in it. For the same reason, the wool material of the shoe won't smell easily.

Rain won't ruin felt shoes immediately, but it is important to dry them after use in case they get wet. If felt shoes are used repeatedly in rainy weather, their wool fiber will gradually begin to stretch and give up, or detach from the plastic sole.

Felt shoes dry well at normal room temperatures, but do not dry them in a sauna, as wool shrinks at high temperatures.

It's not recommended to treat the surface of the felt shoe, otherwise their natural breathability may be disturbed. Wool naturally repels dirt, water and odors. The wool also takes care of its own moisture regulation: if the foot sweats, the wool absorbs moisture when it is allowed to rest, it releases the moisture again.

The thick EVA sole make is easier to use TOFFELI -shoes in different weather conditions, and their use is not only limited to winter frosts. Wool is a natural material that lives and adapts to a wide range of weather conditions. The EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) base is a closed-cell, semi-rigid foam. The advantages of EVA plastic are flexibility, softness, good weather resistance and chemical resistance. In addition, it has good thermal insulation properties and shock absorption.

It's recommended to keep felt shoes in a stable place without too much humidity. If the shoes are out of use for a long time, they can be protected with a plastic bag for or similar type of shoe cover. The blankets have traditionally been protected by wrapping a newspaper to prevent moths from destroying the wool, but a plastic bag does the very same thing.

Felt slippers and shoes take shape during use and the final last in terms of width comes from the wearer's own foot. The specially shaped TOFFELI Ergo insole brings more comfort to the shoe and supports the footboard well. Clean the insoles with a brush,

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